Hereís the information that no regular Internet marketer will tell youÖ

Profit Chakras
"Finally... The First Practical, Step-By-Step Roadmap For Internet Success Specifically FOR Spiritual Business People BY Spiritual Business People..."
Hereís how you can get a step by step roadmap to ACTIVATE YOUR PROFIT CHAKRAS so you can create a full practice of highly spiritual, high paying clients who love to work with you, and rave about you.

From: Lisa Turner Spiritual Business Expert
RE: Activating the Profit Chakras of your Spiritual Business

Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur,

Picture this... your clients LOVE you and they need the transformation you help them experience. Your message and work inspires, delights and astonishes.

Time after time your clients are blown away by your work and what it does for them. They rave about you and the things you do.

Yet to your surprise, despite your brilliance,
you just don't get enough clients

Can you relate to this?

  • Struggle to get your message to shine
                              outDo you struggle to get your beautiful spiritual message to shine out amongst all the unethical internet marketing hype?
  • You donít want to come across like a hypey internet marketer. You know you owe it to your beautiful tribe to protect them from being conned, but you donít know how to that.
  • You know you need a website but donít know where to start? Or you already have a website but itís not bringing in any business or clients, is out of date and is sitting there like an old shoe gathering internet dust.
  • Have you been trying and failing to get your spiritual business online so that it attracts paying clients?
  • Do you hate internet marketing hype, and are desperate for an ethical way to get your message on the radar of your Karmic Clients so they see you, hear your message, and can feel a connection with you?
  • Your website is sitting there like an old shoe. You get little or no clients from it despite it costing a small fortune.
  • You see ďhard sellĒ internet marketing everywhere and HATE it. You don't want to come across like some kind of shark just out for the money.
  • Youíre secretly envious that other less spiritual coaches are raking in all of the money, even though you're just as good, more highly qualified or have even been coaching a lot longer?
  •  Youíre tired of feeling like a fraud. Youíre starting to doubt your own spiritual beliefs and intuition, because no matter how hard you try, you never get the results you want.
  • You crave the fulfilment of genuinely helping clients to heal themselves, and arenít sure how to go about doing it professionally.
  • Youíre passionately convinced that people need your services, products or programs but are struggling and frustrated, trying to attract even the bare minimum number of clients to make ends meet?

Is It Really Possible To Create A Successful Online Spiritual Business That Helps Lots Of People While Putting An End To All Your Financial Problems?

Yes it really is possible to be online and to attract your ďkarmic clientsĒ (those people who you are here to serve). Whatís more, if youíre not on the internet, you will struggle to build a successful business anywhere right now.

And Iím so sure of it - Iím willing to put my money where my mouth is. But first, let me share a story with youÖ

When I was an engineering apprentice I shared a house with my good friend Judy. We decided to bake a cake to surprise our landlady Lorice. We went into the kitchen and banned the rest of the house from coming in while we worked our magic.

                          cake!We got all the things we thought would go great in a cake and put them in. We both knew a bit about baking so we thought we could wing it. When it was just about perfect consistency we tasted it and thought it was OK but too bland. So rummaging in the cupboards we found some spice with the label half torn off. It looked like to was cinnamon so sprinkled it liberally in.

It wasnít long before we smelt something very wrong!! There was no delicious sweet smell. Instead it was... well... CURRY?!
We looked at the spice bottle again. Unrolled the label and realised our mistake.

It wasnít cinnamon at all! it was CUMIN!!

We had baked a CURRY CAKE!


Fortunately Lorice had a good sense of humour and appreciated our efforts, if not the flavour.

Ok! Whatís this got to do with creating a successful online spiritual business?

Well actually a lot!

You see. To really build a successful online spiritual business without a proven plan is a lot like trying to bake a cake without a recipe, (and without reading the labels). Youíll only end up making lots of mistakes and creating something well intentioned but that no-one wants, that wastes you lots of money.

And although this seems obvious, almost every spiritual coach, healer, therapist, psychic Iíve ever met is confused, misguided, frustrated, baffled and completely at a loss about why their website isnít working, or why they arenít as well known as they should be. And who wouldnít be? There are so many ďinternet marketing gurusĒ out there telling you they have the next greatest gizmo thatís going to make you a millionaire overnight.

The reality is that to build a successful online spiritual business, you need to know the full picture. It doesnít work to guess and watch what others are doing. You need the right recipe.

To create a successful online spiritual business you need to know the magic ingredient

What is the magic ingredient? Read on and Iíll tell all.

Look at me,
                          I'm a guru!The trouble is - who to trust? Who to believe? There are so many internet marketing ďgurusĒ out there who will tell you they have the ďformulaĒ or ďblueprintĒ for success online. But the problem with them is this:

Most internet marketing gurus have only ever sold Internet marketing products.

There are so many online marketing gurus out there telling you they have the secrets to Internet success and itís this social media trick, or that, pay-per-click gimmick or some magic wordpress plug in. And they all promise youíll be a millionaire by the end of the week.

Their hyped up, get rich quick schemes do NOT give you the FULL PICTURE. And their advice especially doesn't apply to spiritual businesses.

Do you hate internet marketing hype, and are desperate for an ethical way to get  your message on the radar of your Karmic Clients so they see you, hear your message, and can feel a connection with you?

Sound familiar?

Well relax, because help is at hand

Finally... You Can Learn The Secrets Of A Successful Online Business. This is specifically FOR Spiritual Business People
BY Spiritual Business People


Right now stop. And answer this question.

What are your two biggest priorities in your business?

Take a moment and write them down. Did they include the following?

  1. To make money
  2. To help people / do good (or something similar)
  3. To live your spiritual purpose

And there lies the problem. Most internet marketing gurus donít really tell you how to bring in the second two. They may have some great tactics for making money. But it might leave a bad taste in your mouth, even worse than Curry Cake!

You see there really is a missing ingredient. The missing SPIRITUAL ingredient. That wonít have you making Curry Cake.

More And More Spiritual Business Owners Are Having Outrageous Success By Activating Their Profit Chakras, Creating A Never Ending Flow Of Clients, Customers, Money Into Their Life And Business. Let Me Show You How...!

My Story...

Dr Lisa TurnerIím Lisa Turner and a spiritual business person. I run a multi six figure business where ALL of the revenue comes from spiritual and personal development programs.

In 2004 I had the divine spark of inspiration about the message I wanted to get out, how I wanted to help people. It was amazing, and, quite frankly, a relief. After years in the wilderness, wondering what to do with my life, feeling lost, bored, dissatisfied and frustrated.

FINALLY I knew what my purpose was.AT LAST I knew what I wanted to do. I had clarity of vision. It was a joyful time. I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm and I set to creating a business around my purpose and passion.

With so much energy and inspiration it started easily. The message got clearer. I built the website, started marketing. Even with my own limited knowledge and experience of online marketing, by any standards I was doing OK. The business was getting a slow but steady stream of clients, I was paying the bills, just.

But it wasn't long before it became really hard work. I had clients haggling for discounts. People on my list gave me a hard time about charging anything at all. Most frustrating of all, was that I saw the people I knew need my help, not getting the help they needed. 

Worse still, I could see others with a less inspiring and transformational message becoming a bigger name. I wanted the avalanche of success that I knew this message deserved.

So I got some help from a friend who seemed to know what he was talking about. He rebuilt my website. It was very beautiful. It had lots of information and choices for people. And it explained everything we did really well.

But there was a big problem! The steady stream of clients STOPPED DEAD! Nobody was calling, no one was buying anything. No one was signing up to any courses. After a further 18 months of tweaking and adding to my very pretty site, it still wasnít performing. Still no clients. I had to re-mortgage to pay the bills.

I needed to take drastic action. And fast! So I got real and worked out exactly what my business and website needed to pay for itself and for me to earn an income too.

And so my journey began to really figure out for myself how to create a successful online spiritual business. I took every class I could about how to create a successful online business, and painstakingly and carefully adapted it so that it worked in my own, highly spiritual business. I was shocked by how little I knew.

I had been making a big mistake!

And itís the same big mistake that I see so many healers, coaches and therapists making. And it breaks my heart. And makes me MAD. Yes. Really mad. I hate to see them waste their time and money, but worse than that. I hate to see their clients miss out on the help they need.

You see, I didnít realise that itís impossible to look at what others are doing on the web and work out what they are really doing, and to apply that in your business.

What I hadnít realised is behind what you see on their sites is a complete strategy, a whole back story, that you know nothing about. Youíre trying to create an online business by only seeing the tip of the iceberg. This is like trying to drive by looking through a pin hole in your windscreen.

I worked out through trial and error how to apply what worked in regular businesses, and adapted it for a SPIRITUAL business.

And now Iíve built a successful online spiritual business serving spiritual practitioners, coaches and healers, to become more connected to source and to share that connection and their message. Iíve even generated over £23,000 in as little as a single day. I'm not going to lie... it's been a real challenge at times, but the outcome has been amazing. I now have the right clarity about exactly what to say and do online to create an income.

My days have gone from being afraid to check my bank balance, constantly checking online to see if Iíve made any sales, praying that they will come in time, to a multi six figure business, where I take two months off every year.

It has made a WORLD of difference for me to have a business that continues to grow. Now I can enjoy the true peace of mind that knowing how to generate more income any time I want it brings.

But more importantly than that...

Our clients LOVE us. Yes I know that sounds a bit like bragging, but itís true, our clients absolutely love us. They love the service, the message and the LOVE in our community. And I put that down to one thing...

Getting the profit chakras balance right.

And now Iíd like to share with you how I did it
so you can do the same...

Iím going to share a revolutionary way of thinking about
and building your online spiritual business by showing you
how to Activate Your Profit Chakras

YES! Your business is a living breathing entity. And like any entity it has chakras! Chakras are energy centres that act as gateways for energy to move into and out of your being. Just like your body or being, energy has to come into and out of your business too.

Here are the types of energy for each chakra:

Base chakra: Money, Foundation, Financial Security, Support, Grounding
Sacral chakra: Creativity, Flexibility, Beauty, Attraction, Magnetism
Solar plexus chakra: Power, Will, Systems, Processes, Logic, Fire
Heart chakra: Unconditional Love, Connection, Emotions
Throat chakra: Communication, Speaking, Being Heard, Listening, Understanding And Being Understood
3rd eye chakra: Wisdom, Discernment, Vision, Seeing The Truth, Seeing Through The Illusion
Crown chakra: Connection To The Universe Or Source Energy

Which of these mistakes are you making with your profit chakras?
Which of these mistakes are you making in your business?

If any of your chakras arenít allowing energy into or out of your business youíll experience problems. And you can diagnose the problem by chakra. How many of these can you tick off?

You get distracted and bogged down in the minutiae of the day to day running of your business. There always seems just so much to do. You canít seem to get your head above water and have lost sight of the big vision of why you started this in the first place.
You want to help and serve as many people as possible. You know there are lots of people out there who need your help but you just canít seem to find them. You donít have a niche or specialism yet because you donít want to miss anyone out that you know you could help.
People love you, but they still don't really ďgetĒ what you can do for them or how you can help them. You talk and talk about how you can help them, they seem really interested, but they just go away to think about it and you never hear from them again.
You do lots of free sessions, but no one takes it any further than that. You never seem to get the big clients or the big projects.
You give, give, give, but never seem to get anything back. You may even feel resentful if you allowed yourself to.
You have been hurt by what people have said about you or to you, or what they have posted on line about your blogs, or business. And youíre scared it might happen again.
You have invested in advertising, but go ZERO response. (Note itís NOT what you think, thereís probably nothing wrong with your ad, but something blocked in a profit chakra)
Things are often rushed, last minute or late. Youíve even missed the odd deadline or appointment because you have so many things going on.
You sometimes feel scared or overwhelmed by what you have taken on.
You procrastinate, get bogged down in ďbusyĒ work but donít seem to achieve anything.
You are wonderfully creative, but donít know which project to focus on to direct your energies.
You are short of time, cash, support team or all three. You are stuck in a loop of not enough time, but no money to pay anyone else to do it for you.

Ok so how many did you tick off?

Donít worry! Rest assured This CAN be solved.

Once you activate all your profit chakras and remove any blocks and congestion in them you will find yourself:

  • Attracting clients who will actually buy!Arouse the fascination of your karmic
  • Finally feeling financially safe and secure with the foundations in place that bring in money. Never again will you worry about money, how youíre going to pay the bills, and feel confident to invest in new projects.
  • Exciting and arousing the fascination of your karmic clients, so that they are magnetised to you. This makes sales so much easier. No more explaining what you do in minute detail, only to have them say theyíll think about it. 
  • Offering the perfect enticing giveaway that tempts them like a honey pot,  so they take one look and say ďI have to have that!Ē
  • Feeling in complete control of your website, systems and whole business so that you really can be making money on autopilot.
  • Connecting heart to heart, and soul to soul with your clients. So that they feel like they know you even before they call. You must have this before anyone will buy.  This is what has them say ďI need to work with youĒ.
  • Having crystal clarity and knowing exactly what to say when someone says ďwhat do you do?Ē
  • Knowing exactly who your karmic client is so that you both recognise each other when you connect.
  • Never again getting bogged down in the minutiae of your business. A business owner needs space, time, freedom to hold the vision, and expand it.

I know what youíre thinking! So What IS The Magic Ingredient?

Well... You Need To Remove The  Blocks In Your Profit Chakras.

This Is How You Create A Successful Online Business Thatís Truly Spiritual.


"Already made a huge difference to my bottom line"

JoAnn Manzella"If you are looking for a a step by step guide to knowing exactly what to say in a sales conversation to get your prospect to make a decision, this is the best I have ever seen (and I have worked with many coaches and purchased many programs). Lisa delivers above and beyond what I expect every time.

I didn't realize how much it was costing me not to know this information until now. Here's how I've begun using the strategies:

  • I have the tools to create crystal clear pictures for my prospects as to whether or not working together will be a good fit.
  • I know what to listen for and how to tune in to what they are actually communicating to me in the sales conversation to help them make the right decision.
  • I can now quickly determine their rep system which allows me to take them by the hand so they can get a feel if my service is right for them and whether they are right for ME.
  • and I now know how to explain my process so that it makes absolute sense for them to move forward on my offer (again, that is assuming we are right for one another.)
It has already made a huge difference in my bottom line."

JoAnn Manzella

ďA wide range of tools and experienceĒ

Kathryn MackellarďLisa is a most amazing teacher. She has a wide range of tools and experience and is excellent at taking the best of all and sharing them in a format easy for everyone to use. Her down to earth practicality and sense of fun is a joy as she takes us all on our journey of discovery about ourselves emphasising the good, clearing the bad with compassion and a sense of humour, and teaching us valuable skills for life and businessĒ

Kathryn Mackellar

"A very specific financial goal"

Christine Clacey"I worked with Lisa last year and came up with a very specific financial goal that I wanted to achieve, and a date I wanted to achieve it by. At the time I hadnít a clue how on earth I was going to make that happen as it looked pretty impossible to achieve! Lisa taught great techniques for setting goals coupled with the keys to make them materialise. I did indeed achieve my goal - and in the timeframe I had originally specified! Lisa is an incredible woman - you definitely want to connect with her!"

Christine Clacey

"Practical and pragmatic"

Kim Searle"Lisaís practical and pragmatic approach to a spiritual way of being, met with my own logical and rational ways of being. Using her previous life as a technical engineer to explain how it works, she weaves in key elements of NLP (responsibility, cause and effect & perception is projection) to demonstrate how we create much of what we experience."

Kim Searle

"A whole range of nascent capabilities"

Tom Evans"What I'd like to report... is an amazing personal evolution that has ended up taking me in a whole new direction as an author, author mentor and business and personal catalyst. Thanks to Lisa and her training programme, I now have access to a whole range of nascent capabilities that I am still getting used to."

Tom Evans


82 days from today - your friends won't be laughing at your "silly" ideas about making money online with your holistic practice

The Online Spiritual Business Academy
"Get It Done" Coaching Program

In this 12 module program you will learn how to remove ALL the blocks and activate ALL of your profit chakras so that you can finally have the business you know your message deserves.

The focus of this program is APPLICATION - I walk you, step by step, through each chakra to activate it and gently clear any debris so that you can start to see results in your business right away. My intent is to give you the exact steps to " get it done" so that your spiritual business is making money online by offering exactly what your karmic clients want so that you become the answer to their prayers.

So let's break down the journey we'll be taking together:

Session # 1: The Crown Chakra
Your Big Karmic Why

If youíre reading this then you already know you canít build a truly spiritual business unless itís based on your big karmic ďWhy?Ē

If you learn nothing else from this program, this first session will pay for itself 10 times over. Because in your first session youíre going to finally discover your true life purpose, and even more than that, how you can actually build a highly successful business around it, as opposed to trying to squeeze it into a business where it will never fit. Obviously unless your online business is in alignment with your big karmic ďwhy?Ē it will never fully succeed, or worse still, if it does succeed it will leave you feeling like a fake with a bad taste in your mouth.

Here are just 7 of the hundreds of benefits youíll get from this session:

Discovering your true life purpose, Your Big Karmic ďWhy?Ē Getting crystal clarity on the big vision of what your business looks like when itís truly working with your purpose.
How to ensure all the perfect pieces are in place so you are creating a business that supports and expands you and your message.
Instantly recognise your divine knowing exactly for what it is, and never again be seduced by fake messages that try to send you off track.
Learning the exact differences between an entrepreneur, a spiritual entrepreneur and a spiritual person, and how to use this to your business advantage.
Profit from your potential as a business person and entrepreneur so that you can live your purpose and be the spiritual visionary and messenger you know youíre meant to be.
My sure fire method that stops any obstacle from throwing you off track. Itís this that makes or breaks a business person. You wonít believe how powerful this is.
Unleash the power of the Supermind to banish doubts, and how to recognise the signs that youíre off track and when you need to course correct.
Iíll share my secret system for getting and staying on track. I canít wait to share this with you.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Remove any block that stops you connecting to source.  Feel your whole being sparkling with divine logic as source energy pulses through you.


Session # 2: The  3rd Eye Chakra
Recognising Your Karmic Client

The truth is that you before you incarnated you chose to serve a specific group of people. These people are called your Karmic Clients. Itís a universal law that your unique talents will perfectly fit their needs, to truly create a match made in heaven. But it could take you years to stumble across them. And if you did how would you even you recognise them when you see them? And how will they recognise you?

Isnít this what you yearn for?

The fastest way to find the exact group of people you should be serving so you stop wasting your time, and efforts on those who will never buy, and if they did would be tricky customers.
The secret weapon of pinpointing the problem you solve. Knowing the exact problem that only YOU are here to solve gives you rock solid certainty to keep you moving.
The THREE magic words that when you say them to your karmic clients will have them instantly enrol with you. (this works almost by MAGIC!)
Become a beacon of light, shining the way for your clients to FIND you. Stop running around chasing the time wasters and tyre kickers.
Discover the exact solution your karmic clients are crying out for. When you know this and offer it they will cry with joy and relief!

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Experience a powerful esoteric process that literally has your karmic clients ďlight upĒ so that when you meet online or offline they get an energy bolt that has them instantly recognise the importance of the role you will play in their life.


Session # 3: The Throat Chakra
What To Say When Youíre Asked ďWhat Do You Do?Ē

Thereís nothing quite like speaking to one or a group of people and seeing their faces light up with the realisation that you can help them. The key lies in knowing how to do this completely naturally, making it part of who you are.

Letís talk about exactly how you do this in this session:

How to switch on the THREE green lights that show your karmic clients who you are to them, (yes, you need to activate all three! Miss a single one and all of your marketing efforts will fall on deaf ears!)
Discover step by step the exact solution you provide and how you provide it. This is sometimes called ďyour signature systemĒ.
The secret words to casually drop into conversation that will make people say ďI need to work with youĒ as soon as you utter them (this is like a magic spell so use it with caution!)
Avoid the single biggest mistake almost every single spiritual person makes when they try (and fail) to explain what they do.
At last Ė learn exactly what to charge so that you never again have people say ďI canít afford itĒ. This is what guarantees every exchange has karmic balance, and is a win win, and that you are rewarded for the transformation you provide.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Clear any past life issues that have stopped you speaking your truth. Fear of being punished or ridiculed for our spiritual gifts is still common even today, so letís remove those blocks so that you feel safe to speak your truth.


Session # 4: The Throat Chakra
Hearing The Cry For Help

Just like everything has a top and bottom, the throat chakra is about listening as well as speaking. Knowing what your karmic clients are crying out for is Spiritual Market Research. Quite honestly Iím shocked how few people do this and how few internet marketing programs teach it.

Hereís just a sampling of what youíll receive in this session:

A simple blueprint for revealing exactly what your clients are crying out for, so that when you offer it they will jump at it and say ďI need to work with youĒ
A 15 minute market sweep technique that gives you instant insight into whether youíre ideas are hot or not.
Why most holistic practitioners and spiritual teachers are dead wrong when it comes to what they REALLY do for their clients.
The absolute ONE and ONLY single reliable way to conduct market research. Knowing this will save you thousands of dollars and months or even years of wasted time and effort, not to mention heartache.
Where is everyone? Find out where your karmic clients are hanging out, what are they looking for? How to speak their language. What are keywords, and how to use them.
The key to creating a viral marketing campaign. "Experts" wonít share this.
Knowing exactly what to say online that will magnetise your karmic client and monetise your message.
Find out EXACTLY what your customers want to buy from you nextÖwithout guessing or leaving it to chance.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Hear the message and yearning of your tribe. Opening your throat chakra to receive is powerful. Itís like turning on a radio so that you can pick up all the messages and signals. You have to experience this!


Session # 5: The Heart Chakra
Your Core Profit Chakra
Successful Spiritual Selling

If youíre like most spiritual practitioners, you probably have your heart chakra so wide open that itís actually getting in the way! Yes really. Your big loving heart could actually be what is stopping people buying from you and enrolling with you as a client. But itís not your fault.  Spiritual selling is different. Most regular sales techniques not only do NOT work, they actively repel spiritual people. In this section you will learn exactly how to sell to their soul so they feel drawn and called to enrol with you.

Read on to discover whatís in store for you in this session:

Bust through any hang ups around selling to create your own authentic way to offer your services and have your clients know if itís right for them, without being pushy or salesey.
How to connect heart to heart before, during and after the sales conversation. Especially how to do this when youíre actually asking for the sale.
The two kinds of energy exchange that MUST happen during every sales conversation that keeps it loving, and moving. (hint, most holistic practitioners do this the wrong way round leaving them drained, and without the business)
A proven template to walk them through that has them feel loved before, during and after the sales session, whether or not they buy.
What to do when it goes wrong! Yes some prospects will get grumpy when you make an offer no matter what you do or say. Iíll show you exactly how to diffuse this every time, and still keep the love.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Open your heart to give and receive love. Itís the inability to receive that has blocked your heart profit chakra. You will also be clearing the pain of past hurt and rejection when others havenít been ready to receive the love youíve offered.


Session # 6: The Heart Chakra
Your Core Profit Chakra
You And Your Tribe, A Love Story Made In Heaven

Before you read this next sentence I want you to be ready. It might surprise you. I love you. Yes thatís right I really do. For me those arenít just pretty words. I do actually love you. I love you whether or not you enrol on this program, whether or not you enrol on any of my programs. I love you. Itís pure and simple unconditional love. I love you for showing up. I love you for trying, for striving, for being YOU. I love you for your mistakes and your magic. Your personality, your great sense of humour (Oh how I do love your jokes) and for your smile. I love you.
And itís this that I send with every message I write. And itís this that has our clients (and many of our prospects too) love us back. I this session Iím going to share how to share YOUR love with your tribe.

Other secrets revealed in this session include:

Discovering why, what other internet gurus do online will NEVER work in a spiritual business, and exactly what to do that does.
Become the darling of their inbox. So they open every relevant thing you send them.
Profit from your love with the exact sequence of loving steps to take that will have the right people fall in love with you. Also! How to filter out those who you just donít want to continue the relationship with.
Stop wasting time, love and energy on the wrong people so you can spend it with the right ones. I show you how to do this.
Learn a proven technique to identify the people who are really committed to their spiritual and personal growth, and those who are the dabblers. Trust me, you want people who are as committed as you to your message.
YES! Get your first ezine set up and ready to send. And even better, have everything in place for regular publications (trust me, youíll need to have this or youíre wasting your time).


Session # 7: The Solar Plexus Chakra
Spiritual Business Systems

Thereís power in being a leader of a community. In this session weíll cover the structures and systems you need to have in place to keep you legal, sane, and efficient. Being spiritual doesnít (and shouldnít) mean being flaky. Get the systems right and they take care of themselves, leaving you to love and powerfully lead your tribe.

Just consider what youíre going to receive in this session:

Discover the secret of how to leverage your time, whilst skyrocketing your impact with ďset and forgetĒ marketing.
The truth (and lies) about time management, and how managing time is dead wrong when it comes to increasing your effectiveness.
Reveal your personal freedom map. How to become amazingly productive, without burnout.
Harness the power of THREE essential business systems you must have. Without these you might as well hang a ďclosed for businessĒ sign up.
Revealed the behind the scenes logistics of how to collect emails and manage your list.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Step into your power. Activate the fire, drive and determination of your solar plexus. This is where your gentle love becomes the fiery passion that every leader needs. Youíll gain the focus, clarity and drive you need to push you past any obstacles so that you never get slowed down again.


Session # 8: The Sacral Chakra
Create The Perfect Spiritual Gift To Tempt Your Tribe

If you were brought up like me, youíll have been told that when someone comes visiting you make them feel welcome. This session is the online equivalent of getting ready for visitors and how you can tempt them to stay.

Iím sure these will tempt you to enjoy this session:

Avoid the no 1  biggest mistake holistic practitioners make when it comes to their advertising and their website. (It breaks my heart that so many are sucked in by this).
The hidden secret strategy that the internet whizzkids are using to generate money online AND how to apply it in your spiritual business.
Finally! The truth about ebooks. What they are really for. Exactly how to make money from them. And what you should never try to use them for.
The simple, fast and easy way to write a viral e-book in a weekend that your karmic clients will go crazy for.
Envision yourself having an audio, ebook and even video to tempt your karmic clients to joining your tribe.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: the sacral chakra is all about freedom, generousity flexibility creativity, beauty and glamour. Youíll be removing any blocks.


Session # 9: The Sacral Chakra
Creating Online Sacred Space

Obviously your online presence revolves around your website, but did you know it or not there are at least 5 different types of website that you could have, from blog, to brochure, from squeeze page to sales page. In this session youíll discover the different uses of each, when to use them and where to get started.

Iíll throw these tips in so they are right at your fingertips in this session:

See yourself mastering the ONLY THREE webpages you need to create a successful online business that actually generates income. Once youíve got this in place you can build on this further. Iíll show you how.
Wouldnít it be amazing if you could find the perfect way to ask clients for their email that would have them rush with excitement to type it in?
Imagine being initiated into guru marketing strategies that they will NEVER tell you, and youíll never work out for yourself. Iíll be spilling the beans for you AND whatís more, how you can apply it in your spiritual business.
Just think! Youíll have all you need to create your first SUCCESSFUL webpage that will actively start growing and building you a successful and thriving business.


Session # 10: The Sacral Chakra
Copywriting For The Web To Attract Clients Who Will Buy

WARNING! Copywriting is the most commonly misunderstood part of your online strategy. Sadly it often gets left till last or just ignored completely. Iím sorry to say but just bashing out some words as if you were speaking to someone doesnít work when writing copy. The truth is your people need you, so letís help you get it right

In this session youíll gain:

Discover the 2 minute brain altering strategy that will get you tuned into your karmic client so you know exactly what to write. (no more blinking curser or blank screen syndrome).
The FIVE power words you must say to yourself before you even START writing for the web.
How to harness the power of hypnotic language so that you can connect to their soul and bypass the ego (the success of this is simply amazing).
Headline success formula. How to structure the perfect headline that grabs your readerís attention and has them read on, getting right to the heart of their deepest yearning.
Just picture having your first working website that has your karmic clients clamouring to sign up. I will show you how.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Activate your creativity.


Session # 11: The Sacral Chakra
Become A Magnetic Messenger, Invite Your Tribe

GREAT! youíve got everything in place. Itís time to invite your tribe. But hereís where it can get tricky. Thereís a right way and a wrong way to do it.

In this session:

Unlocking the insider secrets of the 6 essential ways to invite your tribe and have them join you.
Proven strategies for using social media, Twitter, Facebook, online forums and other online hangouts. How to use them to build and create loyalty and love (without wasting hours of time).
Benefit from networking. Events, fairs and expos. Finding clients, and JV buddies.
Profitable advertising, online and offline. What to write and where to place them. Convert your failing ads into client magnets. Important! This can save you thousands of dollars!
Make money from speaking gigs, live or recorded on: teleclasses, webinars, live events. Youíll discover exactly what to do that will grow your list AND generate rapid revenue.
Profit from a little known technique to generate secret spiritual messengers and trigger that magical ďI know you from somewhereĒ experience.
Winning at the fame game. Get the media coverage you and your message deserve.


Session # 12: The Base Chakra
Building The Foundations For Support

Within just a few months of starting my business I was lucky enough to get the very best advice anyone ever gave me. I was told ďYouíll never do this on your own. No successful entrepreneur ever did it alone. They did it with the support of a teamĒ. They taught me the importance of having and managing my team. I still apply this philosophy daily in by business.

Building the foundations in this session with these benefits:

How to identify if someone is part of your team even before you hire them. Hereís where youíll get my secret, perfect recruiting strategy that has the perfect people show up.
Exactly how to avoid having ďclientsĒ as team members. This can be disastrous. Iíll be spilling the beans on how and why this happens, and exactly how you can avoid it.
How to hire the perfect team from your soul group, who are aligned with your mission and only want to support you, and your business. Iíll share exactly why this is CRITICAL to the success of your business (and sanity).
Expert advice on how to manage your team, keep them happy, motivated and inspired to do great work for you.
The secret strategy to prevent overwhelm from your teamsí demands.
What attributes to look for in hiring a virtual support professional (This alone could make or break the success of your team!)
How to develop a proven selection process thatís right for YOUR business.
Avoid the single biggest mistake that many spiritual practitioners make when hiring a team. This will save you hours of heartache and pain.
The systems you need to manage your team and their tasks. Slips of paper and remembered lists is a recipe for disaster. This system guarantees everyone knows what they are doing and when itís due.

Chakra Opening Energy Bonus: Light up your support soul group. Just as you have incarnated to serve your karmic clients, your karmic team are waiting to serve you. Experience a powerful esoteric process to light up your karmic support systems so that you immediately recognise each other when you meet.


As you can tell this is quite a journey! So much more than a ďhow to put up a websiteĒ course, this really does give you all you need to create spiritual online success right now!

And There's More!
The 12 Module Program Comes With
These Amazing Bonuses Too...

Bonus # 1: Blast Through Your Money Blocks Emotional Release Process (Value £300.00)

Itís no secret that spiritual people have issues with money. For years weíve been persecuted and punished for our practices, and poverty is the easiest way to remove someoneís power. Which is why itís essential to blast through those money blocks right now so that you can step into your spiritual power and help others do the same.

I canít even begin to tell you how powerful this is, but Iíll try... Hereís what you get:

  • Life Time access to our signature emotional release process Conscious Emotional Transformation.
  • Release ALL emotional pain from the past in as little as 20 minutes. Imagine no longer being haunted by past anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  This needs to be experienced to be believed.
  • Finally become instantly free of limiting beliefs and stuck programming
  • Full explanation of how the process works, how to use it for yourself anytime, anywhere.
  • Become free of self sabotage, procrastination, fear of asking for a sale, fear of being hurt, and much more.

Bonus # 2: Create Instant Info Products (Value £600.00)

Could you really create a hot information product in a single weekend? YES you can. Hereís how with this bonus:

  • How to deliver the perfect teleseminar to create info products and coaching programs.
  • The fastest way to instantly hook your listeners so they hang on every word you say (this is the same technique used by Hollywood script writers, master storytellers, bestselling authors)
  • Craft the perfect script for your free-giveaway to use on your webpage. HINT this is essential for attracting leads.
  • Avoid the single biggest pitfall newbies make that turns off 80% of listeners straight away.
  • The surprising facts for the perfect talk structure that guarantees your listeners understand your message and act on it every time.
  • The 3 most important types of teleseminars and when to use them.
  • Technology, how to use it to create more engagement, or just use it so it works.
  • The critical information for how to deliver perfect mastermind and coaching calls that transform everyone, not only the individual being coached.
  • Have everything you need to record your giveaway teleseminar, turn it into an evergreen audio, and how to convert it into an ebook.

Bonus # 3: Totally Amazing Template Toolkit (Value £450.00)

Having ďfill in the blankĒ templates will save you hours of your time, and thousands of dollars. Hereís just a sampling of the templates youíll get:

  • Recruit your team email and process templates
  • Manage your team system templates
  • Opt-in page lead generation web page template
  • Free session offer webpage and email templates
  • Newsletter / Ezine template
  • Teleseminar / webinar script template
  • And much more...

Bonus # 4: 12 Whole Months of Monthly Group Coaching
(Value £564.00)

There are times when the challenge youíre facing isnít as straightforward as a one question, one answer solution.

As a member of the Psycademy "Spiritual Practitioner Mastermind" for a full 12 months, you have access to the regular, monthly, live, phone-in, group coaching sessions, with the chance for receive laser coaching on the spot. Just volunteer to be in the hot seat to get your problems solved, your questions answered and whatever guidance you need.


My "Get Activated" Guarantee For You

Because I know that what Iím offering is everything you need to get your business successfully off the ground, youíre protected by my ďGet ActivatedĒ money-back guarantee.

If, after 180 days, you have implemented the materials and havenít got any results, you can just let us know and youíll get your money back, less a modest £50 administrative fee.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund, you will be required to return all physical materials and delete all downloaded digital material before the refund can be issued.


Five BIG reasons why Iím offering this program now,
and why itís perfect for spiritual business owners everywhere

  1. I keep being asked! Many people on my list, past clients, and graduates from Psycademyís and other spiritual schools have constantly asked me how did I create my successful spiritual online business. This has been the first time Iíve had the space in my schedule to offer it.
  2. I want you to avoid the mistakes I made, that I see so many other spiritual business people are making. It breaks my heart to see so many beautiful spiritual people fail to get their business off the ground. And whatís worse, when I speak to them they are all making the SAME mistakes.
  3. Profit ChakrasLearn from my mistakes. Over the last 11 years Iíve made LOTS of mistakes in my business. Iíve had failed products, workshops that havenít filled, client droughts, you name it, Iíve had it. and when I look back every single one of them could have been avoided if Iíd asked for (and taken) the right help sooner, from someone whoís been there and done it. My business is successful now. We change lives, and Iím tremendously proud of my hard earned success. I want this for YOU.
  4. The current shifts mean itís time to get online. The internet represents the opening of the planet's throat chakra. If youíre not online, you and your message will miss out.
  5. Itís the only program to activate your profit chakras. Yes there are great programs out there and some of them even mention being for ďheart centeredĒ business owners. And although they might be really great, this is the ONLY one that is specifically designed to open your profit chakras. Yes youíll be learning about internet marketing, but youíll also be energetically activating every single one of your profit chakras.

Let me be clear... this is NOT one of those
"become a millionaire by this time next weekĒ programs

Don't get me wrong, I completely believe in earning a good income online! But thatís what Iím about... EARNING an income, through a karmicaly balanced energy exchange.

Letís face it. Thatís why those programs and schemes leave a bad taste! Because at their heart there is no value. Heck, thereís no HEART. No SOUL. I know that the reason you want online success is because you want to GIVE. And youíre smart enough to know that it needs to be an exchange.

  • It's about getting yourself to a place where you are offering, and being rewarded Ė you get to do what you love, and you get to support yourself doing so.
  • It's about you making a difference with your god given talents. - (delivering services, creating new offerings) and being able to focus on the growth of your business (strategy, marketing, sales)
  • It's about you getting the recognition you deserve if youíre tired of hiding away, seeing others get all the recognition, and fame. If you want to be known for your talents and skills and the transformation you deliver.
  • It's about you being able to give up the soulless day job and live your soulís purpose. I truly do NOT believe that a gifted healer should have to work in a miserable job that wastes their time, energy and talents in order to support themselves, their family and their healing work.

You have a divine right to be rewarded for your god given talents

Thatís the natural order of things.

                              rewarded for your god given talentsAnd if you believe that healers should work for free or donation only, then this is NOT the program for you. Those times have long gone, if they were ever here. That worked when we lived in a tribal society when the shaman was given a portion of the hunt in exchange for her healing gifts. Now we use money as a form of clean karmic exchange. And if you donít believe that then you have money issues which we can clear up too.

And the best part is we get to do it together. I can't do the work for you (Iím sorry to say!) but in this program Iíll be there every step of the way... to guide you, to answer your questions and to give you a loving "nudge" as needed.

Why You Shouldnít Join This Program!

Wait! Did she really say that? Yes I did and hereís why. This program isnít for everyone. Itís not for you if:

You donít offer anything of value, or are willing to sell any old junk to make money.
You donít want to invest in yourself or your business. If youíre serious about running a successful online spiritual business then youíll know that all businesses require investment of money and time. Iím going to be honest with you here. There will be a few extras to make this program work. Youíll need to invest in web hosting and purchasing domains and even a VA. They arenít big costs, but donít get shocked when I mention that you need to get these. (And no you wonít be buying them from us, nor do we get a commission unless we tell you so).
Youíre not willing to put in any work. I think if youíre truly passionate about what youíre doing, it doesnít really feel like work. Once youíve taken Class 1 and you're in alignment, it should be easy.
Youíre looking for the next internet marketing gimmick to make you a millionaire by the weekend.
You think that the best way to grow a spiritual business is only through meditating and thinking happy thoughts.
You run ďIím a victimĒ or an entitlement program. We can help you only if youíre willing to help yourself.

However if you really want to live your purpose and get your spiritual business online so that itís delivering value with a fair energy exchange, then youíre in the right place. Here it is!

The Online Spiritual
Business Academy
"Get it Done" Coaching Program

The program consists of 12 webinar and teleseminar modules led by your Host & Lead Coach Dr Lisa Turner, Spiritual Business Growth Expert. If you are someone who loves getting a step-by-step system, can "take it and run" and enjoys being part of a group then this is for you. The program includes:

12 Video Webinar Training Sessions where Lisa takes you step-by-step through the process of automating your growth (as outlined in detail above). Each training session is a manageable and tasty bite-sized chunk lasting between 30 Ė 60 minutes.
Get it Done Assignments from each session with specific actions for you to apply what you are learning to your biz RIGHT NOW!
SURPRISE BONUSES! Fill in the gaps extra resources. Ok I confess it. I love to over deliver, so wherever I have an additional resource, I will give you access.
Easy to follow worksheets, checklists and materials with each session for quick reference as you dive into the work.
An interactive private forum where you can connect with your fellow participants (including Lisa), to ask questions and share resources.
Video & Audio recordings, this doesn't expire, you will have lifetime access to all recordings and materials.
PLUS, 4 special BONUSES:
Blast Through Your Money Blocks Emotional Release Process
Create Instant Info Products With The Perfect Teleseminar
Totally Amazing Template Toolkit
12 Whole Months Of Monthly Group Coaching

You can pay in 12 instalments of £197 GBP
(approx US$309) per month

Or you can make a single BEST VALUE payment of just £1,997 GBP (approx US$3,098)

Rest easy Ė your order will be processed on our secure servers.

                                payment processing

Note: By purchasing this program you are agreeing to be bound by the Psycademy terms & conditions


You can allow yourself to make the right decision for you.
Or you can ask for guidance from your higher self

If you have read this far then I know youíre interested. But have you decided to enrol right now?

I hope by now you have a strong spiritual sense of what Iím offering here. And how itís not like any other internet marketing course. With each passing word youíll feel the love Iím offering.

What does this information mean to you? Isnít it time you started doing what you know you need to do?

Now I want you to make the right decision for you. As you feel yourself drifting slowly back you will become more and more certain about your decision. As each sentence follows the next youíll know.

Your feeling of uncertainty is slowly disappearing the closer you come to the end of this page. Your feeling of sureness grows the more and more you read and decide to sign up now.

I invite your unconscious mind to listen carefully to every word on this page, leaving your conscious mind free to decide easily. You may even wish to sleep on it and dream about enrolling tomorrow, or perhaps you can do that right now.

Because in a moment, your unconscious mind, or your higher self is going to give you a sign. And thatís when you know itís time.


Here's to your spiritual business success,


Dr. Lisa Turner

P.S. Whilst you strongly think about enrolling you can also think about what your friends would say when youíre spiritual business is finally successful online attracting paying clients at last. Sign up now

P.P.S. Remember this is the only program that is specifically FOR spiritual people BY spiritual people, and not just another ďhow to make money from the internetĒ course. Sign up now

P.P.P.S. Each and every day that you go without signing up youíre more than likely going to continue to notice that the blocks in your profit chakras simply wonít go away on their own. So youíll come back here as soon as youíre ready to enrol. Sign up now

P.P.P.P.S. I love you. No matter what.

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